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Your Go-To Place for Shopping, Dining, and Fun

Columbiana Station is a vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment destination featuring a wide variety of restaurants—cafés, bistros, pubs, and casual and contemporary dining. Its Regal Columbiana Grande theater is “the best place to watch a movie!”


  • "A great little shopping plaza with a variety of stores. A very clean and tidy shopping plaza too. Parking is usually about 3/4 full which leaves plenty of parking space. Also the prices are not high at all. I would definitely reccomend to stop by here if the choice ever comes up. Great place."

  • "Excellent retail experience with good access to main road ways. Superb choice of restaurants in the area."

  • "This place is huge and beautiful. Large parking lot, and well lit at night. It's a wonderful place to just shop."

  • "Nice, small, great atmosphere with many stores. Food courts are awesome. I love going there either to shop or just enjoy the scenery."

  • "This shopping area is very nice! Not just your everyday shopping experience. High end shopping and dining. The movie theater was awesome."

  • "You find everything. Love it!"

  • "Columbiana Station has a great variety of restaurants and stores. One of Columbia's best movie theaters is also located here."

  • "My favorite shopping destination. All my favorite stores, in one place."